At smallboatbigsea we have a reputation for “doing church differently” but that’s not how we see it. In fact, we don’t think we “do church” at all, let alone differently. We are simply a community of Jesus-followers who prefer people to programs, and worship-in-action to worship-in-a-building. We’re a tight knit bunch, deeply committed to working together in God’s mission in Christ to bring peace and hope and love to the world – including our own world in Manly as well as the whole world out there. Find out more



Stations artworks

With over 150  people at the launch and over the weekend, Stations of the Cross is complete for this year. Thanks to  all who submitted work and helped put on the exhibition. Some photos below of the event. 

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The Lounge

The Lounge is church stripped of its formality. We follow a simple liturgy:Blessing, Eating, Adoration, Teaching,Sending (one of our regulars shares about their typical week, then we reflect to them the ways we see they image Jesus in what they do, and send them to continue to bless people). Find out more

PlayTime groups for pre-schoolers

Small Boat also runs a local PlayTime groups for pre-schoolers and their carers. Presently catering for up to 150 parents/carers plus their children who use the playgroup each week at William Street Studios. Find out more